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Fusion Thermal Rattlesnake - 800IRC
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Product Introduction

    The Fusion Thermal Rattlesnake-800IRC is designed to be lightweight, portable, and especially suitable for combat and detection. It is easier to find hidden targets in complex light conditions or under light interference by using Fusion technology.        


1 Thermal image without gear technical design, open the machine can be used

2 4 modes of imaging with micro light, infrared, fusion thermal image and fusion pseudo color

3Flipping and pitching scale function, measurable angle

4 Having the functions of photographing and video

5 6 kinds of reticle built in

6 Time shows

7 Fusing rangefinder

8 Language menu: Chinese and English;

9It has brightness, contrast: manual, adjustment function

104 times optical zoom, 2 times electron magnification

11Picture in picture function

12Built-in electronic compass

13Three-dimensional: display

14Dead pixels compensation mode

15Have energy saving mode

16Hot tracking mode can realize automatic recognition and tracking of hot targets in various modes

17Action distance10-3luxUnder the illumination400 meters; Fusion thermal imaging model can identify people walking and squatting. 800 meters; a fusion thermal imaging model can be used to detect people walking.