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Fusion Thermal Rattlesnake - 800IRC
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1. Searching the animals or human in the countryside in dark condition

2. Collecting the evidence by police in the low light city environment. 


1. Light weight and compact, hand-held, tripod mounted

2. No shutter in the thermal imager, can be used after it is turned on.

3. 5 mode: Thermal / low light CMOS / fusion thermal / Fusion Color / IR color

4. Showing the angle by pitch scale and roll scale

5. Video outDisplay of time

6. Built in 6 reticles (hidden or displayed)

7. Range finding in fusion mode

8. Automatic and manual Adjustment of brightness, contrast,

9. 4 X optical magnification in Fusion focus

10. Picture in picture

11. Built in compass

12. Display in 3D mode

13. Dead pixels compensation

14. Energy saving mode

   15. Automatically identify and track the hot target in all the modes.

16. Distance (10-3 lux illumination): In 300 meters, thermal camera can identify the walking and squat of the people. In 600 meters, fusion thermal camera can detect the walking people.