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Fusion thermal Camera for Vehicles
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Product introduction

This is a camera for assisting the night driving of military vehicles.

The driver can drive the vehicles safely with the vehicles lights off or under the low light condition, because the drive can immediately respond to the potential risk by detecting the lanes, people and animals on the road.  Thus, it can be used on the military vehicles during night transportation of the soldiers or supplies.


       1. Light weight and compact

2. Mode in display:  Black hot, White hot, green hot;

3. Output mode: Thermal, visible light and fusion;

4. Distinguish the  background and the pits of the road;

5. Fast sensing  the low temperature,  and  self heating to prevent  the   lens from fogging or freezing;

6. IP67 Protection;

7. 1-10 settings of brightness and contrast

8. Horizontal angel of adjustment: -20°~20°

      9. Screen: wide and narrow