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Vehicles Fusion Thermal
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Product introduction

The vehicle driving apparatus has become one of the important equipment to enhance the night fighting ability, it can effectively solve the transport and combat vehicle lights off at night driving and vehicle mobility low in fog, smoke and other harsh conditions ensure all-weather work.

The vehicle driver is gradually becoming the standard configuration of military vehicles. The Rattlesnake -800 IRC  Fusion Thermal is better than Thermal for detecting around the driving environment, and to solve the problem of insufficient background detection


1. There are three kinds of images: white heat, black heat and green heat. The default is white heat.

2. When the lens has fog or ice, it can be heated manually.

3. It can be adjusted for image brightness, image contrast, display brightness, and display contrast.

4. Using high performance processing chip, image detail enhancement technology.

5. Supporting IP67 waterproof grade.

6. Provide the display, display the local image.