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CoBTec XQ75 Thermal Riflescope
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XQ series Thermal Riflescope is light weight,clear image, high sensitivity, high frame frequency, high reliability etc, but at the same time with abundant function operation simple easy to use, all-weather passive night vision function, and the strong performance of smoke and fog permeability. This series of products are flexible and suitable for all kinds of firearms.

The products are widely used: the ministry of public security, armed police, special police, monitoring, law enforcement, counter-terrorism, customs, frontier defense, personal outdoor hunting and personal security, etc., compared with similar products is more suitable for actual combat.

9 kinds of retiles, including 1 kinds of non reticle and 8 kinds of differentiation.

Retiles can be customized.


original drawings-can be customized

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  1. Military standard

  2. 8 kinds of Reticle can be selected

  3. Four color mode can be selected

  4. Easy control:One button click operation, convenient and quick

  5. DDE enhancement technology, clear resolution of the target

  6. No block design, real-time continuous observation, avoid loss of target

  7. The fuselage with a Picatinny rail extension auxiliary equipment

  8. The anti corrosion coating of the fuselage can work in a severe environment

  9. OLED Display